Metaphoric Hate....Coroneus, Wake.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Curious Dreamlife of Marshmallow Addie - Volume 24

A penguin derived in whimsy, undulate metamorphorically and what not. Somehow, in this there exists a debt of ingratitude. Clockologically speaking, this hasn't been a gapless scenario. Abyss, even. Beaucoup de temps.

A new conduit materialized. Glide grayly apropos, you orientalist shenanigan. Thusly, cette vais. Bizarrement, an infinitude of normality had descended in the blink of an oyster's eyelid. Mayhaps it was the Dawn Hozay synthesis.

Or peut-etre Marshmallow Addie had awakened. Yet another again.

Such was the story of a Meninguin (flock of-) derived in flimsy.


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